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The Adventurer's Guide to the Yol'Najj Forest is a system agnostic adventure location for your fantasy table top adventures. Within you'll find a guidebook that highlights important forest locations, creatures, npcs, and gear in sweet sweet zine format! 

Yol'Najj Forest (full spread map)

The Adventurer's Guide to the Yol'Najj Forest is an adventure setting for intrepid travelers in any fantasy table top RPG. Focusing on the Yol'Najj Forest and the surrounding mountain range, the area is known as one of the magical power centers of the world. Recently, a great explosion ruptured part of the mountain range and showered crystals upon the forest, causing chaos and unveiling long hidden mysteries. The region will change around you based on your adventuring party's choices!

This project was made as part of ZineQuest. The art, layout, and writing for this zine are done by me, Zeshio! I'm a professional fantasy illustrator, pixel artist and storyteller, and for the past couple of years I've been putting out content on Roll20itch.ioPatreon, and via commission. 

This adventure setting was created with flexibility in mind- systems like D&D 5E, Pathfinder, Troika!, Sword Dream, etc. can use the adventurer's guide to explore the Yol'Najj Forest. 


The whole concept of this zine is to provide a setting that changes around the players. As players explore and make decisions impacting the Forest and its inhabitants, the condition of the Forest changes. For example, if party members aid in the destruction of the forest and like being murder hobos, the Forest will die and an old undead force will rise again!

The guide is sparse on system specific details, outside of rollable tables. I've painted the broad strokes on monsters, npcs, and areas, and it's up to you as the Game Master to fill that in based on the specific ruleset you follow (D&D, Troika!, Sword Dream, etc).


This is the digital version of the Adventurer's Guide, which includes the zine with digital exclusive extras. Inside, you'll find:

  • 40+ page zine that describes the Yol'Najj Forest and the troubles surrounding it.
  • 50+ illustrations in the guide that detail npcs, monsters, gear, maps, and more!
  • In addition to the zine, I've included standalone maps of the region, Volax the Crystal City, and Volax Fortress for your use.
  • An additional Oldwood encounters chart and pages of plot hooks not included in the print version.
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