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Love Your Escape Pod is a single player mini game where you attempt to escape through levels of a space station before it explodes and you die in the vacuum of space. I hope the game gives you the feeling of tension, excitement, and a little bit of despair/relief (depending on how your run goes!)

As you navigate through the levels to reach your escape pod, you must manage your oxygen, health, and search for items. Reaching your escape pod is no guarantee though, but with enough luck (and the right gear), you might escape!


The game is played with one six sided die, and you'll need some way to take notes on your progress. The paid version includes a game tracker template.

You have a limited amount of turns to escape the space station, which is accomplished by moving through a number of levels until you reach the escape pod. 

You're given one action per turn (think of a turn as 6 seconds in real life time). You can look for a hatch to the next level, find health, find oxygen, or find equipment. The varied choices combined with the oxygen and time limit make for high tension!


The game was created to be flexible- you can design your own challenges or scenarios, or play with the mechanics as you choose. Maybe you want a short game with high stakes- you might make a game with 10 turns, 7 levels to the escape pod, and 8 oxygen. Maybe you'll run a game without floor modifiers (which alter how easy or hard it is to get resources and equipment).


The game rules and instructions are completely free! You'll get the rules to the game and the rollable tables needed to play. 

If you pay the suggested amount ($2.50), you'll unlock the deluxe version, which includes the game tracker template, 6 illustrated equipment cards, and an additional illustration in the rules.


This is one of my first little mini-games I've created, and although I've had fun playing it, if you have feedback on the game or have questions, please let me know! I will use future feedback to improve the instructions or add in additional game art.

Status of Screen Reader Friendly Version- The first page of the instructions reads well with a screen reader, however, I plan on re-writing the rollable tables in the next couple of days to make them more screen reader accessible (11/23/2019). 

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Hey nice game ! I just tried and died not far from the escape pod ! But i liked the concept, the stress and the speed of it, thank you :)

After a third run i reached the Pod but i died in it.. i'll keep trying!

Anyway i think you forgot the destruction table that you mention at the end.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll see if I have it in my files. Might have been a space constraints thing, I'll see about adding it in! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The fifth run was the good one, i finally escaped !

I didn't pay for your game but i have a bit time to translate it in french if you want...

Sure! If you want to send me the translation I can make a french version as well. You can send it to zeshio.zworld@gmail.com.

Hi, i sent you an email some days ago, did you get it ?