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Maps for Adventurers- Caves is here!

-Treat yourself to three hand illustrated maps for use with your adventuring party! These high quality maps are here so you don't have to spend hours drawing and planning. Dungeon masters need to have fun too!

So What Is This?

These maps are intended for use for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other TTRPG sessions, either online or in person. They are hand drawn, and as such, if done via private commission would be well over $400.

Map Breakdown

The first map is a cave system connected to a tomb. Size: 20x30 grid.

The second map is a pirate cove/cave. It could be used as a hideout, or perhaps you have a pirate crew to wipe out! Size: 20x30 grid.

The third map is a crystal mine, containing railroad tracks and various other points of interest. Are your adventurers strong enough to fight the evil at the end of this mine?

All The Options

I know people like their maps in different styles, from gridded to gridless, lineart to fully colored, etc. As such, I'm offering a variety of types for each map, as such:

-Colored with square grids
-Lineart (B&W)
-Lineart with square grids
-Lower res colored (120dpi)
-Lower res Lineart/B&W (120 dpi)

Hell, if you don't like my color job, color it yourself (And then tweet me, because I'd love to see that)! 

Lower resolution maps are best for use for Roll20 or other online tabletop systems with file size requirements.

Terms of Use:  By purchasing Maps for Adventurers- Caves, you agree to the following terms:

  • These art assets can not be used for commercial purposes or any other incoming or money generating activity.
  • The art assets can not be distributed.
  • Derivative or modified versions of this artwork may not be distributed.
  • I'm fine with social media posting as long as you're not trying to distribute parts or full maps to others. If it's of a game session you're playing, that's fine.
  • Pixel Hex Tileset and all included artwork is Copyright 2018 Phillip Wiltzius (aka Zeshio)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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