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Pixel Hex Tileset 2 is here!

Pixel Hex Tileset came out in 2018. When it was released, I was blown away by the community's response and reception.

While Pixel Hex Tileset is great, I've grown as an artist and I'm ready to show off another set. Pixel Hex Tileset 2 is a completely new tileset with different biomes and other details that make it unique from Tileset 1. Tilesets 1 and 2 are compatible with each other.

If you're new to hex tilesets, these tiles are used to build maps or game worlds for your own table top roleplaying adventures (think D&D, PbtA, Troika, etc). Use your favorite hex tile program, virtual table top, or photo editing software to create wonderful worlds!

Commercial licensing is now available for those wanting to add these tiles to their video game or ttrpg product!

Tileset Summary

  • 2050+ tiles
  • 12 distinct biomes and transition tiles (not including re-colors)
    • Muddy plains and sinkholes
    • Ocean islands and coastal rock
    • Badlands
    • Smooth mountains
    • Tropical desert
    • Nordic fjords (green)
    • Nordic fjords (snow)
    • Mushroom loam
    • Southern grassland
    • Dead plains
    • Snow crystalline
    • Mangrove swamp
  • Biome themed villages and encounters
  • New roads, bridges and rivers
  • Walls/barriers
  • More overlays (more rocks, settlements, monsters, ships, farm animals, etc)
  • Transparent transition tiles allowing you to blend across biomes

How To Use These Sweet, Sweet Files:

Unzip the folder using any common unzip program (7zip, winrar, etc). Import the folder into the application or virtual table top you plan to use.

Virtual Table Tops: Some VTTs like Roll20 support hex tiles, although you may need to tweak the settings. Import the tiles and make sure the hexes are as close to 84x96 pixels as possible.

Hex Kit:  Pixel Hex Tileset 2 is compatible with Hex Kit 2.0, which supports flat topped hex tiles. The Pixel Hex Tileset 2 sorted zip file has all the tiles presorted in folders and is ready for import into Hex Kit. Import the main folder using the import tool on HexKit. Please note tiles may appear outside of the boundary but that's because some tiles have art extending over the hex border.

For Tiled and other map programs:

If your tile program supports folder organization, download the Pixel Hex Tileset 2 sorted file. Otherwise, Pixel Hex Tileset 2 unsorted contains all the tiles in one convenient folder. 

The images are saved as 96x96 pixels to allow for objects outside the hex boundary, but should be treated as 84x96 pixel images for the sake of hex sizing. Import the images and use the following settings:

  • Size: 84x96 pixels
  • Hex Alignment: Horizontal
  • Tile Side Length: 48 pixels
  • Render Order: Right down
  • Offset: None (These are perfectly aligned pixel hexes)

Photoshop or Image Editors:

If you are bold enough to hand select and place individual hex tiles, then more power to you! Just make sure to create a large enough canvas.

Terms of Use 

By purchasing Pixel Hex Tileset, you agree to the following terms:

  • You may stream or record video content for commercial purposes while using these art assets. These art assets can not be used for any other commercial purposes or any other incoming or money generating activity unless you purchase a commercial license.
  • The art assets can not be distributed individually, as single tiles, or as an art asset in any capacity other than a completed map or work.
  • Derivative or modified versions of this artwork may not be distributed individually, as single tiles, or as an art asset in any capacity other than a completed map or work.
  • Pixel Hex Tileset 2 and all included artwork is Copyright 2020 Zeshio Illustration.

Commercial Use

Commercial use license is $60, and includes the tileset assets if you don't already have them.

Do not buy the commercial use license until you've read the example contract in the demo section. Reach out if you have questions.

The license allows you to use this specific tileset for any amount of commercial projects, given some specific limitations.

Please hang on to your receipt as proof.

Feel free to reach out to me when you publish and I'll see about boosting your project on socials.

(I've ended my patreon page for the near future but shout out to):

Alexander Graefe
Bradley Gardner
Chris Mangum
Depressed Puppy
Dylan Hill
Justin Rude
Luke Magnan
Malcom Wilson

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this tileset you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Pixel Hex Tileset 2.21 by Zeshio unsorted.zip 1 MB
Pixel Hex Tileset 2 Commercial Use License.zip 190 kB
if you pay $60 USD or more

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When I try to use the roads in Hex Kit, they don't connect - there's a few pixels of a gap at the tile edge. However, the other tiles seem to have imported correctly, as I don't notice any gaps when I place them down.

Do you have any idea what could have gone wrong with the road tiles?

(2 edits) (+1)

Ok, I did some checks on my different sets. The Hex Tileset 1 roads go across the borders, but the Hex Tileset 2 roads don't. I have them ending at the border of the hex. So if you're using the PH2 roads, there will be a space left to allow for the full hex border. I apologize if that looks kind of weird, maybe I can export an updated version that aligns with PH1 roads.


ah, that makes sense. Could you please make an aligned version? I like it a lot better and it would allow me to combine the two nicely.


Your pixel art is incredible! Have you ever thought of making a post-apocalyptic tile set? =3


I drafted a post-apocalyptic tileset test run last year, it's definitely a possibility. One of the things I struggled with was the height of buildings blocking street views. I'm working on a fantasy city set next but could be an easy transition afterwards!


As a follow up to an earlier comment, any chance at a sci-fi pack? I love Hex Kit, and it would be a joy to have a better themed tile set for Lancer

Oooh, good suggestion. I had looked at doing some space related hexes in the past. I'll pull up Lancer and see if that'll help structure my ideas!

I'll have to keep an eye out then, looking forward to it!

Oh wow, these are great! Love the aesthetic

So the tiles can't be used for a standard commercial product (a game)?

Don't eat the devs.


Correct. I'm currently working on a separate commercial use license folks can grab off of itch, I'm just trying to figure out all the contract details. I'm thinking it might be around $25 per set. Thanks!

I would offer a pretty good system to calculate a fair price (maybe even fair & just) if you like to hear. By that I would suggest you put the price up a notch like 30 - 40$ (At least I would pay that. Easily.)

Thanks for the info! Gonna stick around.

Don't eat this artist.


Hi Narsiph, I now have a commercial use license for purchase on the itch page if you're still interested. Thanks!

(1 edit)

The non-red badlands seem to be missing many of the possible transitions. I think copies of some of the transitions were given instead of the correct tiles.

These are perfect for Foundry VTT, if any fellow DMs are out here building maps. Set the hex grid to 96 pixels and tiles to 96 pixels. Lay tiles out from top to bottom.

11/10 would recommend purchase

Hey sorry for this message, but how did you use them in foundry? I tried but I'm having some trouble. Any videos you could shoot my way? Thanks!

Hi is it possible to buy this tileset and create own mod for UnCiv for example? Second and third rule is about the creation and distribution of separated tiles, but what if I create a game mod with your tiles, which will be the completed product?

If you use my assets in another body of work with the intention to distribute, that falls under commercial use. I charge licensing fees for those looking to do so, if you want to talk more in-depth about it feel free to email me at zeshio.zworld@gmail.com.

Hi xpmn, I now have a commercial use license for purchase on the itch page if you're still interested in using the tiles for a mod. Thanks!

hey, would you consider making borderless version of tiles so it doesnt create hex grid? For example I have my custom grid implemented in my game with highlighting functionality and while tileset is fenomenal it overlaps with prepainted grid on tiles. Cheers

If I have more time in the future I can consider this, although even with a color changer tool going through 2000+ tiles to do that would take me a considerable amount of time.

Do you have any plans to do a sci-fi themed pixel set? I'd love to see some sci-fi cities, vehicles, terrains, etc.

I've thought about it, if there's folks interested I can definitely look at it! I was also considering doing something like a star map using hexes as well.

I personally would love to see both. I am creating a sector of space for SWN as well as generating the planet as the players discover it. a lot of stuff from the current set works great but for future cities, space stations, etc. I would love to see this come to fruition!

Hi, I read the Terms Update post and just wanted to double-check my use-case to be against the license. If I were to include a completed map in a paid/published DnD adventure, would I be in violation? Love the set!

Correct. Created maps are for personal use (not for sale). If you're making money or gaining some benefit from a map you created from my tiles, its against the use (the only exception to this being streaming or YouTube content). If you want to discuss a way to use the maps for commercial use, you can email me at zeshio.zworld@gmail.com. Options would be to include me as part of the royalty for the adventure or pay for a one time use to commercialize your map in a product. Thanks!


Totally understand. Thanks for the quick reply! Guess these will just be for my own players to see. Cheers!


Made this TF2-themed map with Pixel Hex


Love it!


Are there assets in Pixel Hex 1 that are not present in 2?  In other words, do I need to purchase both to get all the art that you've produced for this tile set?

Pixel Hex 1 and Pixel Hex 2 are completely separate. I don't think it would be appropriate to resell the same assets in multiple packs! Pixel Hex 1 was my original set I created a couple of years ago, and as such it's a bit more simple. Each has different 'themes' the other set doesn't have. However, each pack can function by itself, or you can mix and match. It's generally up to you!


No worries, just making sure I didn't miss out.  Thanks for the quick response!

I'd like to find this information in the description of the tileset :)

I've attempted to clarify in the page description. Thanks!


I wonder if it would be possible to get the old mountains that form really nice ranges together cut out and added to this set such that they can be used as transitions onto the new terrain types?

When I have time to revisit the pack I'll see what I can do! Thanks for your feedback.

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I  download the zip bit were do i faind the program itself? or its ony the tails?

Eli, the Pixel Hex Tileset is the art assets only. If you're looking for a map application to use these assets I would suggest Hex Kit by CONE or Tiled, both of which can be found on itch. Questing Beast uses Hex Kit.

(2 edits) (-1)

Hi thanks for the replay.

I didn't know [or understand] its only art asset .
Is there a free art map maker i cod use?  the program cost 9$  and the programs are 15$  more.  Now i have the asset but have no real way to use it without paying more - which is ok - but I woud be much happier if it was more clear on the presentation of the asset. 


Thanks Eli for your response. Tiled is a free map editing program, I suggest using that. https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled

If you read my store page, I have instructions on what specific things you need to use the art files.

Thanks and I hope you have a good time with them!

Is there a way to make these tiles stay within the boundary for Hex Kit after rotation? When I go to rotate hexes they end up looking out of bounds and disjointed. It prevents me from using the tools effectively because I have to go through and find the tile specifically made for whatever angle of connection I need.  

Thanks for the question Bakure. The inherent limitation with positional hexes is that they really can't be rotated. You can do horizontal flipping of the tile because they're flat top hexes, but that's the most you'll be able to do. This is the reason why I had to create each specific angle or connector. Thanks!


You sure made quick work of that 2.1 update! I'm loving the stuff you added! Thanks for taking my feedback as well. Can't wait to update my map now!

No problem, I appreciate the suggestions! I missed some small details as I was finishing up and it was good to hear what you were thinking about.

I've redone a small part of my map with V2. My wrist has been killing me with all the clicking, so I'm taking a break for a bit. Here's my progress so far. 


Oh booooooy, this looks awesome! Can't wait to make a new map or five! I've been following you since the beginning of the original tile set, so I couldn't hesitate to support you again with this new release!


I really appreciate it! Let me know what you think after you play around with it for a bit.

(4 edits)

Okay, I've been playing around with it for a couple hours now. I love what you did with the rivers, and the transitions! One thing I would like to see is larger mountain options, or some sort of "tiered" sections to make mountainous areas look bigger. I'm also not sure what to use for farm land. You had that in V1, but I don't see anything that is obviously a farm area. I could be blind and haven't explored enough though. I also had quite a bit of trouble with the roads not lining up with the grid, so I ended up just placing them freehand, rotating and flipping as needed. This I didn't mind, but I'm not sure how I was supposed to make a continuous path otherwise.

Overall, the options in this pack are amazing! There are so many variants and positions to fit every transition combination. Not only that, but I love the options to have a flat shore, semi-rocky shore, and full cliff shore with the summer Fjord! I decided to remake the 150x150 map that I made with the V1 tile pack, but this time I'm making it double the scale.

Another suggestion for things to add: Full forest options and transitions. I've got some thick forests on my map I would like to recreate.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll see what I can do this weekend about maybe making some packed forest tiles. It's possible to do tiered layers with the fjord cliff transition tiles, but I can look at some other options too. Those dang mountains!

(4 edits) (+1)

I think I'm going to have quite a bit of feedback for you here in the next while. :P In regards to the mountains, my idea was to have a continuous spine of mountains, rather than occasional protrusions. I'm done quite a bit of my map, and I love how it's looking, so I'll share it here when I have more to show.

I might just edit a list of stuff I would like to see here, or things I haven't found, and continue adding as I get more ideas.

Things I have not found / would like to see:

  • Large city components
  • Farm lands
  • Docks/port city
  • Continuous mountain areas
  • Continuous forest areas
  • Continuous walls
  • Stone walls
  • Bridges?
  • Winter Fjord 100% water tile
  • Mountains without background