Pixel Hex Tileset Pre-release Notes

Hello everyone, Zeshio here!

I've been doing digital artwork for Roll20 and other digital tabletop systems for over a year now, and it's been a fun experience. Although I do a variety of artwork, I'm known mostly for my pixel art. As I started looking to other avenues to showcase and sell my fantasy artwork and tokens, I ran into itch.io. I'd heard some great stuff about the community and started work on some different ideas.

Around the same time, Cecil Howe from Cone of Negative Energy, a fellow artist and an all around awesome person, suggested I try making hex tiles. Being burned out at the time from making thousands of different character tokens (seriously!) I jumped on the idea. A month or so later, here we are! 

My pixel hex tileset, at 1100 tiles, offers a lot of Dungeon Masters (DM's) the flexibility of making some pretty comprehensive maps. The use of transition tiles, where there's multiple biomes on a hex, will help to create more believable and immersive maps. I look forward to hearing what people think as they start to use the set.

I look forward to bringing more work to Itch.io in the future, including some pixel game assets!


ZeshiosPixelHexTileset1.0.zip 1 MB
Mar 24, 2018
ZeshiosPixelHexTileset1.0_HexKit.zip 4 MB
Mar 24, 2018

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