Pixel Hex Tileset 1.1 Out!

Hello everyone!

I really appreciate everyone's feedback and support. I've made some additions and fixes based on what users were telling me.

Pixel Hex Pack 1.1 Changes

  • Rivers have now been added. May play with the design in the future, but they are fully functional and available now.
  • Added additional places of interest, such as cracks/caves, wizard towers, towns, and my personal favorite, ruins!
  • Added additional transparency options for both trees and places of interest. Originally, trees were only on the grass biome.
  • Tiles 912 and 915 (coast tiles) were colored incorrectly and thus repeated a previous coastal shape. This has been fixed! (Credit to myownlittlworld for reporting)
  • Pack is now up to 1206 tiles (1327 with demo tiles).

Pixel Hex Pack Demo Now Available!

The pixel hex demo, available exclusively for a limited time for Hex Kit backers, is now available on the store page for free. The demo is actually a stand-alone tileset, so I recommend everyone (purchasers and non-purchasers) grab it for 121 extra tiles. Inside you'll find:

  • A self contained island pack, with both obsidian/magma and coastal biomes.
  • Transition tiles created between magma, coast, and water.
  • A couple of points of interest tiles, like hut towns, boats, and sea monsters.
  • Additional water tiles, including deep sea tiles.
  • Although the demo tileset is free, the copyright remains the same as the main pack.

Credit to Cecil Howe at Cone of Negative Energy for putting together this sample of the demo tiles.

Also, I love seeing the maps people make! Shoot me a tweet with a map you've made with Pixel Hex Tileset and I'll like and retweet you (@Zeshio).

I will continue to submit fixes and add new tileset sizes in the future. I'm currently brainstorming ideas for another pack, so if you have suggestions for large fantasy themed tiles let me know. Some things I'm currently thinking about are indoor hex tiles and planar tiles.

Thanks everyone!

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You say these are formatted for Hex kit but the very much are not.   First off, when you import them they're off center

Which wouldn't be too bad, but even once you center them and import them, they are never right.  On a "Normal" map they look like this

And on a "Flattop" map they look like this:

So either I'm missing something or this isn't actually able to be used .

I'm sorry you're having issues with the tiles Piecewise. Cecil, the creator of Hex Kit, specifically made the import files so these tiles would work in Hex Kit. From my instructions, if you import the files without adjusting them (even though they look like they're off center), they'll work fine in Hex Kit. The main reason they look off center is because the image file is not the shape of a hex- it has additional room above it (for overlapping tiles, like with tall mountains that go over the hex border.) Try reimporting them without adjusting them and let me know if you have any additional issues.