Coming additions to Pixel Hex Tileset

Hello everyone!

I appreciate everyone's support with my hex tileset the first week of launch. I've already had some suggestions for additional tiles, and so I wanted to let you know that I'll be adding some more tiles into the pack for version 1.1.

Things I'm working on:
-River overlay tiles (like the roads)
-More cave entrance tiles
-Single mountain peaks (think Mt. Doom)
-Some ruins

Also, Hex Kit backers currently have exclusive access to a free demo pack of the hex tileset which includes an island and lava setting. I'll be adding that as a free demo for users to play with in the coming weeks.

If you have other small additions you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments. Also, if people would like the original sizes or a specific hex size in multitudes of 28x32, let me know!

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Would it be possible to get a set of tiles at around 200px a side or larger? That way, even small maps would look crisp when printed on a full page. Those are very big tiles though, so it's also something i could do myself as i needed the tiles.

No problem. I can do sizes of 32, so 192x192 or 256x256 wouldn't be too hard. Once I get 1.1 up I'll get some other sizes on.

I had been eyeing it for a while, but I pulled the trigger on purchasing Hex Kit specifically because these tiles looked so great! Thanks for putting these out.

If you are looking for suggestions for additional content, one thing I'd love to see more of is the Places category, specifically things with transparent backgrounds that can be placed over any terrain type. For example I love the wizard tower, but since it contains mountainous terrain in the background I can only ever place it in the mountains.

Thanks wizzardstaff!

I'll get some wizard towers in with transparency for the 1.1 update. Expect to see new files up within the next couple of days! I've got some transparent background ruins and cave openings coming, as well as some biome-themed caves/cracks.

That's great news, thanks!

So far I am really liking these tiles as I build out a world map for my RPG campaign, but I start to feel limited when I get to populating the world with villages, cities, keeps, ruins, etc. More transparent tiles sounds wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.